Managing 5D Media in Final Cut Pro 7 

When you’re running a 5D rental house, you get asked a lot of questions. Most of these have to do with the gear itself, but the most important question may be “What do I do with the footage after I’ve shot it?” After all, if you can’t import and edit your footage properly, then that sweet 5D is just an expensive, awesome paperweight. (Seriously, it’s really good at keeping your papers from flying away.)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a Final Cut Pro timeline from someone who shot their project on the 5D and seen this:

RENDER BARS! Sure, it’s tempting to stick your Compact Flash card in a reader and just start dragging clips to your hard drive, but as many of you know, currently Final Cut cannot natively edit the files 5D generates. What’s more, a haphazard approach to copying files is a good recipe for lost media and, worse yet, general chaos once you’ve reached the edit stage.

So what’s the solution? (More …)

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