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  • David Cavallo 11:19 am on May 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    1-800-BAND’s Would You Believe It? Music Video World Premiere! 

    Endless Picnic is, like, totally stoked to announce their FIRST! MUSIC! VIDEO! The clip, for Brooklyn’s beloved toll-free rockers 1-800-BAND, was directed and shot by The Picnic’s Dave Cavallo (aka “me”) and cut and graded by our fabulous in house edit-bot Alex Ricciardi. A mix of modern and retro influences that were discussed over lengthy sessions (at the band’s favorite bar, where else?) I think the vid does the band justice. (To tell you the truth, it brings a tear to me eye, as it reminds me a bit of the days when MTV actually played…music videos.) Enjoy!

    Download 1-800-BAND’s amazing debut record on iTunes now!

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  • Alex Ricciardi 1:12 pm on March 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    SebastiAn’s Love in Motion, directed by Gaspar Noé 

    Endless Picnic recently collaborated with director Gaspar Noé on his latest music video, for SebastiAn’s Love in Motion. Greyshack Films produced the video, and I edited and color corrected it. The excellent After Effects artist Nick Vranizan was also a part of the team.

    And if you know the legendary Argentinian-born French filmmaker Noe’s work, you won’t be surprised to learn that the video has already garnered some controversy. It’s been taken down from YouTube four or five times and prompted some truly heated comments. So see for yourself what the fuss is about, and tell us what you think…if the video hasn’t been taken down again, that is!

    SebastiAn – Love in Motion (Directed by Gaspar… by Flixgr

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    • Ron Egozi 7:28 pm on March 15, 2012 Permalink

      The video’s an excellent reflection of teen dreams and pop culture that inspires those dreams.

    • uhhhhhhh 12:18 pm on January 15, 2013 Permalink

      Fact is this is a tastefully done video, and a scathing social critique if it was the director’s intention. The tween girl is merely reflecting the hypersexual female role that society has already placed her in, while the tween male behind the camera fills the voyeur role perfectly which he is also expected to fill.

      What makes people so uncomfortable is the perspective gained in the bedroom while these supposedly innocent youths explore adult ideas most likely shoved onto them by a ruthless world. These kids are showing an adult internet audience that, yes, youth is paying attention to them, their media, and the hypersexualized, heteronormal roles they fill.

      The video in my opinion shows that these kids do understand that we objectify each other, and misguidedly believe this is a standard to live to rather than a cultural fault. But most likely the childish cat video loving, idiotic masses on Youtube can’t fathom those deeper concepts, and instead only accuse the filmmakers of making a piece of child pornography—which this clearly is not.

      Maybe the video would’ve been easier to digest if there were a laugh track placed in? After all audiences were able to stomach the cringe inducing climax of Little Miss Sunshine cause it was funny, right?

  • Alex Ricciardi 5:45 pm on September 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Color correction, , , Superdrunk   

    Superdrunk Trailer 

    Hey everyone, this is Alex Ricciardi, the editor & colorist here at Endless Picnic, and I wanted to share with you a trailer I cut & graded (along with the eyes of our Cinematographer, David Cavallo, who also shot the piece).

    It’s for an independent TV pilot called Superdrunk. It’s from 2009, but once we got our swanky HP Dreamcolor monitor, we decided to redo the grade to really make the footage pop.

    Download Video: MP4 Ogg

    It was shot on a Panasonic DVX100B–yes, that’s miniDV, folks!–with a Letus Extreme adapter and some old-school Nikon lenses. We kept the colors punchy & warm, and since it’s a “comedy” about four miserable young men who get high and fight crime, we (with the guidance of the director, Adam Goodman) gave it a grungy “feel-bad” look that we’re real proud of.

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  • David Cavallo 4:42 pm on September 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Shooting & Color Correcting Aufgang’s ‘Dulceria,’ Part I. 

    A screengrab from the video.

    One of the first projects shot with the Endless Picnic camera package was a video for the song ‘Dulceria’ by the French electronic group Aufgang.

    The one day doc-style shoot, directed by Delphine Dhilly and shot by Endless Picnic’s own resident cameraman Dave Cavallo (hey, that’s me!) centered around a trio of kids’ hijinks on a hot summer day in the suburbs.

    The crew was kept to a minimum–producer Mike Fox, director Dhilly, cinematographer Cavallo & ace AC Andrew Baxter–with the emphasis on traveling light and capturing as much of the young actors’ explosive natural energy as possible. (Or: “Dave! Run fast after the kids!”) Most of the shots were handheld (Baxter pulled focus admirably, given the constraints of the day) and aside from the occasional ‘courtesy’ on the monitor, little or no light modification took place. (Of course we did have some pretty heavy ND going most of the time, to keep the stops at a pleasing f4 and below.)

    The major challenge, as is often the case on lower budget video shoots with lots of day exteriors (More …)

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